An Anonymous Facebook User Helped Laborers Combat The Heat In An Adorable Way


There is kindness all around us, and the best testament to this was from an anonymous Facebook user who shared a story of what she’s done to help labourers, especially during this summer heat.

The UAE-based resident, who preferred to stay anonymous, had shared a story of how she and her son generously handed out ice-cream and laban to labourers- to help ease the summer heat, as they work hours under the sun.

‘Anonymous’ had shared the story in hopes of inspiring others to do the same


The UAE community has always proved their unity in helping others- beautiful!

An act of kindness will take you a long way, a kind gesture big or small that can help someone in the community is what everyone should be aiming. Something as little as giving ice cream and cold laban to workers in this heat can help bring a smile on their face. So the next time you see someone in need, try out different kinds of gestures, something as small as handing out cold juices in this heat can also help.

A little goes a long way



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