An Emirati Man Is Reported Missing In Saudi Arabia’s Desert

An Emirati Man Is Reported Missing In Saudi Arabia’s Desert

In a saddening twist, an Emirati man has been missing in Saudi Arabia’s desert. Authorities are working tirelessly to bring him back, and our thoughts are with him for a safe return…

*UPDATE: He has been found SAFELY! 

Efforts are actively underway in the Eastern Province desert of Saudi Arabia, as authorities conduct intensive search operations for Ahmed Mohammed Al Menhali

The UAE national has been out of contact since Saturday while heading to his farm in the expansive “Rub’ al Khali,” known as the “Empty Quarter.” Moreover, numerous volunteer teams, comprising family members, relatives, tribesmen, and compassionate Saudi brothers, are tirelessly searching the area in a united effort to locate him.

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The searching society, FAO, in Saudi Arabia, is actively contributing voluntary efforts to locate Al Menhali

Confirming their commitment, they received an official report from the Birin police station regarding the missing Emirati individual. He was reported missing while driving a white Nissan Patrol with an Emirati number plate. Further, the last known location was traced to the Hajra Al Taweelah petrol station, en route to his farm near the Qalamat Faisal area.

Al Menhali had also received support from Sheikhs

Sheikh Khalid sponsored fuel & went above and beyond to provide essential food and necessities for dedicated volunteers in the search operations. His generous support sustains search efforts for Al Menhali, fostering community resilience in swiftly locating the missing individual.

May he be safe & found soon…

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