Anisha Oberoi: From Breast Cancer Conqueror to Clean Beauty Entrepreneur

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From a breast cancer conqueror into a fearless entrepreneur on a mission to redefine beauty standards. This is not a movie (yet!), but just one lady’s life story…a shining light of hope for anyone currently waging the war against breast cancer.

Anisha Oberoi was in her late 20s, all set to pursue her MBA at the prestigious INSEAD business school in France when she noticed a lump on her breast

What happened next would allow you to describe her story as one of unwavering determination, resilience, and a burning desire to make the world a better place for women like her.

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“The journey started in that hospital bed when as a young girl I refused to die…”

Despite a crumbling diagnosis, Anisha refused to accept defeat and started to dream of a legacy where women could trust the products they used on their bodies.

This vision wasn’t just about cosmetics; it was about clean beauty, free from harmful toxins and synthetic preservatives that could affect female hormones and fertility.

As she fought her own battle, Anisha delved into the world of beauty products. She learned about the negative impacts of synthetic ingredients and the importance of responsible product creation.

What you put on your skin, she discovered, doesn’t just stay on the surface – it seeps into your bloodstream, affecting your organs. Moreover, mass-produced beauty products often take a toll on natural resources due to their unsustainable production processes.

And this knowledge was about to take her so far!

Anisha’s determination to make a change was unwavering, but her journey was far from over

In 2010, she finished chemotherapy and yearned for the elusive “all-clear.” One has to hit the 10-year post-surgery mark to officially reach the ‘all clear’ stage.

She knew that true remission often meant waiting a decade post-surgery. Throughout these years, Anisha continued her preventative treatments and medical check-ups, always vigilant but never losing hope.

“It’s only in the later years with no recurrence that I started feeling safer, even though I was on preventative hormonal medication and checks for a long period, per protocol.”

In 2019, Anisha relocated to the UAE and found the same gap in the beauty market that had inspired her initial dreams of clean beauty

Beauty buying in the region was labour-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. Sustainable beauty was a rare find, even as the local audience became more conscious of their consumption.

Fueled by her own insights and her experience working at Amazon, Anisha seized the opportunity to disrupt the local beauty landscape. It was a pivotal moment as the world went into a COVID-19 lockdown, and people began to prioritize self-care.

“My growing awareness of product formulations and ingredients in my personal choices helped create the due diligence standards we apply today to Secret Skin’s curation philosophy.”


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Her journey with breast cancer had a role to play in inspiring the success of Secret Skin

Breast cancer had made Anisha aware of the importance of product formulations and ingredients.

She had lived it, breathed it, and had learned the critical lessons of perseverance, courage, and a relentless pursuit of a better life. These lessons translated into her approach to growing Secret Skin, a platform for clean beauty products.

Her ambition was not just to build a business but to create a sustainable, impact-focused venture. It was a way to use her frustration to inspire a new customer proposition, where responsible beauty choices could be the norm.


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Today, besides being a successful entrepreneur Anisha finds ways to give back to the community

She actively works with medical organizations to raise awareness of early detection among young people.

She mentors aspiring leaders, MBA candidates, and budding entrepreneurs, sharing her experience and guiding their journeys. Anisha firmly believes in the importance of dedicating time, effort, and love to those in need. She’s building a community that understands the significance of overall well-being and values the lessons that adversity can teach.

To those currently battling breast cancer, Anisha has a message:

“As much as you want to flee as fast as you can from your current situation, find something pivotal to run towards. A beautiful life exists on the other side, and the only way to it is through it.”

Her story is not just one of survival; it’s a journey of conquering adversity, reshaping an industry, and spreading a “crazy, beautiful light” to inspire others on their path to recovery and a brighter future.

As of this month, Secret Skin has also launched on the and in-store!

One would expect no less from a brand bold enough to be born during the pandemic, and a founder who goes against all odds.

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