This Ukrainian Artist Was Inspired After One Glance Of Sheikh Hamdan’s “Deep, Kind Eyes”

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One chance encounter can completely alter your life…ESPECIALLY if that involves the Crown Prince of Dubai!

Anna Chekh is a Ukrainian artist who just sold her NFT painting of HH Sheikh Hamdan after it was displayed at the Dubai Mall

And it all started when he drove past her in a golf buggy and she caught a glimpse of his eyes…

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Anna wanted to be an artist since she was a child, but had to pause her dreams when she took up a role as an Art Director at an art gallery

A Public Relations and Marketing graduate, she continued working for 8 years and painting on the side as a hobby.

I felt inside that something’s wrong and I should try to make my dream come true…I knew I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t try

And so 3 years ago, she began her artistic journey. Today, she works with big cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona and Bangkok.

But Dubai, honestly, is deeply in my heart…and this is my art home.

Anna doesn’t usually dabble in creating portraits, until 2 years ago when she had a fateful encounter with the Crown Prince of Dubai

She narrates a story back in the magical time of EXPO 2020, where as she was walking with her friend she saw Faz3 drive past in a golf cart.

“I saw his eyes…as an artist I noticed some features…I saw very deep eyes, I saw very kind eyes.”

She drew a digital portrait of Faz3 while still maintaining her original flair of vivid colours. And as she stared at the portrait over time, the then Thailand-based artist felt a calling, which lead to an exhibition in Dubai…

Although it is unconfirmed whether faz3 himself has seen the art- Anna’s sources confirmed that his brother has seen the art!

Today the Ukranian artist continues with her unique style of animated horses, and her signature creation ‘Shadow Man’

Follow this contemporary artist work on Instagram here.

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