Atlantis The Royal’s Ultra-Luxurious Opening: From Champagne Vending Machines To Gold-Plated Toiletries


First of all:


Second of all:

Another luxurious hotel opening in Dubai? Frankly it would be surprising if there WEREN’T any gold-plated toiletries. The rest of the world anyway believes that Dubai residents have gold-plated water closets so why disappoint, sah?

Here’s the buzz of the WHACK uber luxuries that the opening of Atlantis the Royal welcomed it’s visitors with:

Free Champagne vending machines and gold plated toiletries:

The lucky VVIPS who were invited to the event thoroughly immersed themselves in the luxuries the hotels offered, including customized perfume in their hotel rooms (not visualized in the vid)


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A crazy water + fire show to go along with that anticipated Beyonce concert

A heavy A-lister, B-lister, and C-lister crowd

This opening was so anticipated that invites were leaked and the big Beyonce concert is not allowed to be recorded

There is an anticipated big reveal which Dubai folks are gearing up for – drum roll until it finally leaks. Until then, stay tuneddd!

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