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This Birthday Video Message Is Hands Down The CUTEST Video On The Internet Today

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Everyone loves adorbs, genuine birthday wishes – personalised ones ALL THE MORE. And if they double out as a surprise, then it easily makes the whole day. Well, get ready to ‘aww’ your way through this one!

Emirati Majid Al Qassimi wished his wife, the popular Emirati influencer Hind Beljafla, happy birthday via an Instagram video. He starts off by mentioning how every year he sends Hind wishes through cute messages and texts, but this year he’s taken it to another level!

“Hind is everything I’m not” 

Majid’s cute wish wasn’t just about making her birthday special but also telling their fans and followers about what makes them special.

He speaks about how Hind is a sunset person and he’s a sunrise person and although they’re quite different, they find strength in that difference. He goes on to tell people more about their chemistry and their contrasting personalities. 

Even though Hind caught Majid filming the video, he managed to wrap it up and post the video on Facebook

Aside from being a trained veterinarian, Majid is also the Director of Animal Health and Development in the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates. His wife Hind is a Dubai-based content creator with a strong following.

They are parents to three adorable kiddos and have been together for over seven years 


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7 years is not a small amount of time, and in the grand scheme of things, not a lot of time. Thinking back on what we have achieved in our marriage, in terms of growth and success is always good and to be grateful is essential. But I want to highlight the importance of the bad times, the difficulties, the challenges, and the stresses all relationships have to endure. It’s in these moments you grow together, maybe not exactly at the lowest moment, but to survive them, to understand and to have empathy, accountability for decisions and actions, and put in the hard work. This is where the growth is. To really hear what your partner is trying to tell you, and to have the patience to try again, even if the first 30 times didn’t make sense or work. It takes two to make a strong and mature relationship, to recognise and understand that your partner wants the same, lofty and ambitious goals, even in the darkest of times. And it’s in those lows that I want to recognise, the hard work, patience and understanding of my partner in life. Thank you @hindbeljafla for the vulnerability and patience. For the faith and the dreaming. For not giving up, and believing. The first 7 went real fast. Bring on the next 70 babe, I love you for all the years to come!

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So very cute!


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