A Bespoke Baby & Family Photo Studio Is Expanding To A New Location In Dubai!

A Bespoke Baby & Family Photo Studio Is Expanding To A New Location In Dubai!

That pregnancy glow, the emotions… the first family pic, your newborn’s first portrait! OMG, the excitement of ‘firsts’ would make anyone wanna have babies (or maybe that’s just me). But celebrating mommy and daddy bears and their little cubs is this seriously cool baby and family photo studio that’s taken baby photoshoots to a whole new level.

Now Dubai’s leading photo studio, You+Baby Studio, is branching out and surprising their loyal customers with a brand new studio in Al Safa 1 Area, on Sheikh Zayed Road!! Prime location alert!

Let’s walk you through your experience at You+Baby Studio from the moment you walk in: 

From your warm welcome at the reception to your photoshoot, the folks down at You+Baby Studio will have you feeling at ease the entire while.

The studio is divided into two sections, each of which has been designed individually for a specific type of photography.

The newborn area is a cosy place with comfy sofas, where parents can relax. It’s equipped with the most up to date air purifiers, sterilizers and other custom equipment to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. They also have a range of hand-made baby clothes and props – sourced from around the world to suit every taste, allowing you to have an individualized photo session exactly to your taste. 

TBH the best part about the whole thing has gotta be the dressing-up bit! With the variety of FREE designer dresses for mamas-to-be to handmade backgrounds, photoshoots with this studio are guaranteed to be a work of art.

You will also find cute outfits for your little ones, as You+Baby Studio is launching their new line of clothes under the brand name You+Baby&Co

You+Baby Studio founder and head photographer Natalia Leanca says,

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the studio on Sheikh Zayed Road. We chose this location for its easy accessibility in an area familiar to most residents, bearing in mind the importance of easy parking for new parents, and the convenience of quiet uncrowded surroundings. We are already accepting bookings and we’re really looking forward to seeing you there!”

To book your next session, click here. 

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