The Controversial Comedian Who Was Banned From TikTok Is Back With A TV Show


Basel Gazioglu AKA @baselaughs, has a dedicated audience supporting him as he highlights the ongoing debate between free speech and responsible content creation!

Watch: The Lovin Dubai Show: Basel Laughs Talks TikTok Bans and Biggest Wins

Basel was a full-time employee at a restaurant in London before venturing into comedy as soon as TikTok was released (before his ban of course)

“I’m really trying to get into the big screen, I just finished my first show about a month and a half ago which is on Shahid MBC,” Basel had said, regarding his future plans, “I don’t want to stick to comedy forever.”


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Basel talks about dealing with the hate

“I find it very easy to let go of it and not let it get to you, because it’s so easy for that person to scroll away!” 

Basel is definitely someone you should check out on their Instagram handle @baselaughs, we would provide you with their Tik Tok one but unfortunately Basel has never had his account re activated after the official ban!

The Lovin Dubai Show: Basel Laughs Talks TikTok Bans and Biggest Wins

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