One Company Is Gifting Delish Cakes To The Heroes Of Ramadan

Mayar Ibrahim

Ramadan is the month of blessings and gratitude. That’s why everyone is getting into the spirit of giving back to the community. So, when Betty Crocker launched the “30 Ways To Share Your Love” campaign to honour the heroes of Ramadan – it was a winner from the word ‘go!’.

Betty Crocker is honouring the Heroes of Ramadan – the food delivery people who work tirelessly for the comfort and convenience of others

This Ramadan, Betty Crocker took the initiative to honour the Heroes of Ramadan who deserve the community’s appreciation and gratitude. Through their “30 Ways To Share Your Love” campaign, they’re handing out delicious cakes made with Betty Crocker’s mix as a small gesture to show appreciation for their hard work. Kudos!

That’s not all! Betty Crocker is also organizing personalised cakes with special messages from their family members

Ramadan is a time to bring family and friends closer together. So, Betty Crocker is organizing personalised cakes for some of the well-deserving heroes. Not only that, but their families will also be called to join in, so that they too can be part of this emotional moment!

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This “30 Ways To Share Your Love” campaign is a small reminder for the local communities to thank the delivery heroes when they see them next. As well, as acknowledge their efforts and hard work to bring their ordered food in a timely and convenient manner.

The Important Bits:

Betty Crocker is sharing the love this Holy Month with the unsung heroes of the community. From Dubai to Sharjah, they’re giving out delish cakes to all of the deserving delivery heroes as part of their “30 Ways To Show Your Love” campaign.

Discover how YOU can show your love this Ramadan, click here.


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