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This Is An Incredible Entrepreneurial Programme For Kids!

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Have you been looking for an entrepreneurship programme for your little ones which will help turn them into the leaders of tomorrow?

Designed for the leaders of tomorrow, the BizWorld program is just the thing you’ve been searching for. This online educational programme begins in July and instills in your young ones the mindset that will ensure that they are prepared to build their future in the ever-changing, unstable world of today.

From learning how to solve problems, to developing a business model canvas, to marketing and financial understanding – the BizWorld programme has got you covered!

it’s an initiative by Future Entrepreneurs Global which is an online entrepreneurial educational platform for children and youth aged 9-16 around the world.

And they have an inspiring mission

Our mission is to empower children to become the 21st-century leaders by awakening their entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring them to become the architects of their futures, and giving them the confidence to transform their world.

Are you curious to find out more?

Check out their IG: @futureentrepreneursglobal or have a look at their website www.futureentrepreneursglobal.com


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