Never Stand In Line For International Money Transfers Again Thanks To BOTIM’s Easy New Service!


There are certain apps you want on your phone; games, photo editors, and social media… then, there are certain apps you NEED on your phone, and this is one of them!

Thanks to a new collab between Astra Tech (the new owners of BOTIM) and Moneygram, you can now send money internationally directly on the upgraded BOTIM app – handy! This means that all within one app, you can make free and secure voice (AND VIDEO!) calls, send money internationally, and there are lots more helpful features… This might just be the most essential app in town.

Sending money is now literally as simple as sending a text


The whole process takes less than a few minutes…

Moneygram are leaders in international money transfer capabilities and the features are now available on Astra Tech’s ultra platform, BOTIM, which also offers seamless communication for family and friends around the world.

Through the innovative partnership, UAE residents can now use the BOTIM app to send money in real time to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

And the best bit? You can avail of the service immediately on BOTIM – Yalla!

Why you should already be using BOTIM

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Botim is the UAE’s biggest, most trusted & loved Voice calling app (VOIP) that provides free, secure, and reliable internet video & voice calling and is used by millions every day.

Learn more, and register here.


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