Cancelled Visas Are Not Included In The End Of Year Visa Amnesty


Cancelled visas are not included in the UAE visa amnesty.

On June 1, the ICA announced that residency visas and entry permits for those inside and outside of the UAE are valid until the end of the year if expired after March 1. Furthermore, both residency and visit visas that expired as of early March are also exempted from fines.

However, these updates do not include cancelled visas.

AMER, the gov typing centre confirmed that cancelled residency or e-Visas are not included in the amnesty

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“Kindly (you) are requested to either leave UAE or change their status for new visa inside the country. Kindly note that exceeding the grace period will be considered as overstated and the fines will be (AED221 for the first day and AED25 each day after)…”

“Kindly note that entry permits such as tourist, visa, upon arrival employment, mission, residency and GCC for those inside the country are valid until December of this year since after the expiry date falls after the first of March 2020.”

Note: all terms and conditions can be subject for amendment without prior notice from GDRFA.

Holders of cancelled visas are requested to either leave the UAE or change your visa status. Tourist visas can be purchased within the UAE.

For more information visit AMER here.

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