Caroline Stanbury Brings Main Character Energy To Dubai Reality TV

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury Brings Main Character Energy To Dubai Reality TV

Reality TV star, media socialite, entrepreneur, and mom, Caroline Stanbury burst onto Dubai TV screens in Real Housewives of Dubai, yet, this wasn’t her inaugural stint in the reality TV realm. She had previously graced the stage as a standout star on Bravo TV’s Ladies of London. It’s safe to say, she’s a seasoned pro when it comes to the reality TV scene.

Breaking new ground, Real Housewives of Dubai marked the first major international TV series filming in Dubai and it was the first time the Real Housewives brand dropped into the Middle East. Caroline was front and centre in Season 1, giving people a glimpse into her ultra-glam life, surrounded by her hubby Sergio Carrallo and her three kids from a previous marriage.

And now, as curtains draw to a close on Season 2 filming, she made a pit stop onto The Lovin Dubai Show. Spilling the tea on what’s cooking for the upcoming season, how she orchestrates her bustling household with military precision, and how open chats and solo rants on her ‘Divorced not Dead’ podcast have reached an audience of 5 million: This podcast is living proof that women can gracefully navigate beyond marriage hiccups, embracing a life that’s nothing short of extraordinary after a divorce.

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Caroline famously married her hubby Sergio in season 1 of Real Housewives of Dubai, he’s 19 years her junior and Caroline summarised why unconventional relationships can work

Watch Caroline Stanbury on The Lovin Dubai Show here

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