This Creator Proves How Special Dubai Is Without The Glitz And Glam

Anika Eliz Baby

So you work a 9-5 (plus extra!) job, live in a partition house, and survive cheque to cheque with a little savings each month to send back home. Now you may think this life is not gram-worthy, but…

AT @atgoesplaces is ramping up follows across his Instagram and TikTok by just being honest about his simple and humble lifestyle- one that is exactly like yours when you first came to the city

The success of his content is evident, because with just 69 posts so far he already has 15.3k followers on Instagram and 55.8k followers on TikTok! Here’s a video of him buying his first Apple product (also the most expensive thing he’s bought so far) with the money he made from his vlogging…

@atgoesplaces the most expensive thing I’ve bought in Dubai so far… #dubai #life #firsttime #milestone #howdidthishappen #gratitude ♬ original sound – AT

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AT works as a game master and creates relatable vlogs about living the everyday life

He is a bit too honest about procrastination, failed productivity plans, not knowing how to cook, and so much more!

Last year, AT was leaving Dubai after a 5-month-long search for a job being unsuccessful. But today he has managed to save money and come back- and boy are we glad!

Today, one year later, not only I am getting to live here but doing what I’ve always dreamt of doing – content creation. So do not ever give up on your dreams. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. And keep trying to make your dreams a reality… one day it’ll all come together

Here is AT on his first two-day weekend in Dubai


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In AT’s most recent video on Instagram, he is invited by Nuseir (NasDaily) to join a content creator meetup- a moment where he meets one of his inspirations!

I wanted to document my life but wasn’t sure how to do it… so I just thought of making simple, less than 1 minute videos documenting my journey and now that is what you guys know me for. Does that sound familiar? Thank you @rashidfreestyler . Rashid is the guy who saw that video I had made about applying for a job at Nas Daily a while ago and showed it to Nuseir and that’s how Nuseir asked him to invite me to the meetup.

This is definitely a full-circle moment for the creator. And a sign for all aspiring content creators to keep going!


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Here is AT getting a brand new pair of shoes after really REALLY making sure he uses the last one to completion

It’s his positive narration for each video that really makes all these situations seem a lot less frustrating than they actually might have been. Definitely, a sight to witness!


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