Chin Chin Is Donating A Ramadan Box For Every Single One You Buy

One Ramadan box sold = one donated… Incredible!

Chinese food is the unspoken comfort food for so many around the world. They get the job done, after all, with straight-to-the-heart dishes that just give you that ‘feeling.’ 

Living in Dubai, a cosmopolitan city, the words ‘Chin Chin’ is something you hear often. After a long night of partying, your self-care Saturday dinner with a movie, or the days you’re not bothered to cook. Chances are you’ve resorted to Chin Chin’s egg fried rice and Kung Pao chicken or sweet corn soup. 

The high-quality Chinese chain restaurant has just upped it for Ramadan

And for the Holy Month of Ramadan, everyone’s fave chain has thought of those fasting.

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Doing its part right: Chin Chin will donate a Ramadan box for every Ramadan box you buy

So if you had any thoughts at all to have Chinese food for Iftar (YUM!), then this is a double-positive. You dine and help someone else in need.

And these Ramadan boxes are GENEROUS, to say the least… The portions in each Ramadan box can feed at least 5-6 people!

Now imagine that same box feeding a family in need.

The initiative Chin Chin has taken on is in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent

One Ramadan box sold = one donated.

Yalla! Order through the Chin Chin app or this link!

You can download the Chin Chin app on the Apple Appstore or Playstore. 


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