Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Is In Dubai For An Epic Family Getaway


Guess who’s showing off the vacation hammer in Dubai? None other than Thor himself – yep, Chris Hemsworth is on a super-family-fun getaway in the city of sand and skyscrapers! ⚡


And of course, Chris and his fam bam couldn’t resist the futuristic marvel of the Museum of the Future

No surprises here – Chris and his family couldn’t resist checking out the mind-blowing Museum of the Future. I mean, who wouldn’t want a glimpse into what’s coming next, right? They’re just casually soaking up the futuristic awesomeness!


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Dubai’s caught a serious case of Chris Hemsworth fever… and as they should

Chris is no stranger to Dubai, but each visit’s a total “first time” vibe – it’s like déjà vu with a fresh twist… Hope you’re having a blast in Dubai, Chris!

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