Genius! You Can Now Order Your Coffee Using Alexa


Ordering coffee has NEVER been easier. COFE App, the innovative app that famously caters to all your coffee needs and simplifies your coffee orders has gone one step further… Drumroll, please!

COFE App has launched voice ordering through the app with Amazon Alexa

This IS as genius as it sounds. So, next time you need a caffeine top-up? Simply ask Alexa! You can now order their daily cuppa through a simple voice command.

Image: L to R Shahood Siddiqui (CTO, COFE ), Ali Al Ebrahim (COFE Founder & CEO), Dr Raf Fatani (Amazon – Regional General Manager, Alexa, MENA) and Iyad Mallouf (Director of Product Management, COFE)

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How it works:

COFE in cooperation with Amazon Alexa launched the voice command feature so users can order and track their coffee

Ordering through Alexa, Amazon’s voice AI is seamless and you can do it in both Arabic and English. To get started, connect your COFE account to your Echo devices and start the conversation by saying “Alexa, open COFE App”.

This is the coffee and tech duo you’ve been waiting for!


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Hey Siri, “I am here”

COFE App is leading the digital revolution for the coffee industry and this we stan! Both consumers and sellers can check out a number of additional features which are centred on convenience, functionality, and speed.

Vendors are loving COFElytics – an in-platform analytics and promotion tool, while we coffee lovers are using voice commands daily, like the clever “I am here” button, that allows you to alert the barista when you arrive at the store.!

The important bits:

COFE App is available on App Store and Google Play store.


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