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A Specialist Cleaning Company That Will Kill ALL Those Germs Has Offers You Can't Resist

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We get it, you’re exhausted all the time and the cleaning being done at home isn’t always the best.

But throughout the pandemic with all the increased time spent indoors, the world has collectively taken hygiene and cleanliness to another level. As we should.

If you’ve seen mold, dirty grouts, or feel like your mattress and couch have never seen a PROPER deep clean that rids it of the dirt and bacteria accumulated over time – my friend, it may be time to keep reading and opt for a solution.

Do you need more than just an everyday cleaning?



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Get your mattress and sofas deep cleaned for HALF the price this Ramadan

Hurry and take advantage of this SWEET offer ESP because mattresses and couches accumulate the most dirt and bacteria.

Think about all time spent on your couch or in bed. A study shows that the mattress is probably the dirtiest object in your bedroom. So those TWO need that TLC.

The best part? Pros will come in AND do a complete cleanup for you using professional equipment and food grade chemicals that are child and pet-friendly!


If we’ve learned anything this year it’s to prioritise health and hygiene

The two go hand in hand so why take risks?

Cleaning your space on the surface is one thing but having highly experienced, trained AND certified hygiene technicians with all the right equipment and eco-friendly chemicals makes a world of a difference.


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Get rid of the mold, and clean out those dirty grouts and water tanks

You don’t need to sweat the small stuff, life is tough and busy and we can’t all dedicate the special attention (and equipment) to ensuring a spotless home.

This is PRECISELY what Tanziif does – allows you to breathe in a germ-free and THOROUGHLY cleaned home or space.

Especially the yucky-looking mold that builds up in bathrooms and kitchens? Say goodbye to those NOW before they get worse.


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They say a SUPER clean environment affects a person’s energy, so what are you waiting for?

Get your home, office or ANY space checked out for a FREE inspection and take the load off to unwind in a clean, breathable space.

Oh AND, Tanziif’s got your back with a Ramadan offer of 50% off to DEEP clean your mattress and sofa with UV sanitization (think 10 secs is equivalent to sunning your mattress out for 48 hours).

Not to mention, an OFFERS page dedicated to those who want to nab awesome deals (who doesnt?)

Book here or call 8008269443 to get your FREE consultation!

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Need more than just the everyday clean? 

Tanziif (derived from the Arabic word which means “to clean”) is a specialised cleaning company that offers professional cleaning for your home. 

Specialists in mold removal, they provide professional certified cleaning for you AC’s, water tanks, mattresses, sofas, carpets and even grouts.

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