A Postcard From 1980 Shows An Incredible Aerial View Of Deira


It’s sometimes worth looking back, to see how far we’ve truly come.

A postcard written in the 1980s is giving us major nostalgia vibes. The image shows Deira and a bird’s eye view of this fair city way back before the iconic Dubai skyline was just a dream.

Spot the difference? The pic shows a view of Baniyas Square above Rigga Cemetery and was sent to Germany in 1980 -over 30 years ago!

This cityscape wowed tourists in Dubai in 1980

The sender paid 0.75 AED to send this card to Europe way back when

Twitter user Rashed shared the post

Deira, Dubai 1980 Aerial view of Baniyas Square above Rigga Cemetery Postcard sent to Germany paid 0.75 AED

Telling Gen Z what a postcard is…



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