Downtown Dubai Welcomes A First Of Its Kind Arabic Music Institute!


Calling all music lovers, and Arabic music aficionados, there’s a new home for Arabic music in Downtown Dubai.

Emaar Entertainment rolled out the Arabic Music Institute, the first-of-its-kind institute in the entire region dedicated to the fundamentals of Arabic music.

The institute has an impeccable programme designed for the younger crowd, aged between 6 to 9 years old. It features the whole musical package – theory, hands-on skills, instrument lessons, choir singing, solfeggio, and more, creating a holistic approach to learning.

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There are also private music lessons for all age groups on Oud, Qanun, Violin, Cello, Clarinet, Reed Flute and Arabic Rhythm instruments

Dive into musical learning with private lessons and state-of-the-art facilities

Music enthusiasts of all ages are welcome at the Arabic Music Institute! They’ve got you covered for all types of private music lessons, where you can pick up awesome instruments like Oud, Qanun, Reed Flute (Nay), Clarinet, Cello, Violin, along with some unique Arabic rhythm instruments.

Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the Arabic Music Institute features private rooms with killer acoustics, classrooms that are buzzing with creativity, recording studios you can rent out, a chill performance space, a library, a cute café, and a music museum that’s like a time-travel journey through the incredible history of Arabic tunes.

This is a cosy space and a cutting-edge facility all-in-one…

Thats’s not all! There is an interactive Music Museum within the institute that unveils the rich history of Arabic Music!

Ready for this? They’ve also got Karaoke rooms for you to try out within the Music Museum!

The important bits

Prices and Packages:

Kids Programme
Dedicated for kids age 6 – 9 years oldSchedule Options:
Two Days per Week (6 months) AED 5,000 (Early Bird: AED 4,000)
Four Days per Week (6 months) AED 9,000 (Early Bird: AED 7,200)

Private Lessons (All ages)
Weekdays AED175 per class (40mins)
A package of 12 classes for AED 1,800 (40 mins)

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