2 Aussie Drug “Kingpins” Who Were Wanted By Interpol Have Been Arrested In Dubai


Two known drug smugglers have been arrested by Dubai Police.

A combined effort by Dubai Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) lead to the arrests of two Australians labelled the kingpins of a major drug importation operation who have reportedly transported nearly three tonnes of drugs with an estimated potential street value of more than $150 million into Australia.

Benjamin Neil Pitt and Matthew John were both arrested in Dubai following police tails


Interpol sent out a red notice and within a week Dubai Police had located their whereabouts

Interpol sent out a red alert and Dubai Police found their hideaway in Dubai. The men were arrested on charges of smuggling large quantities of drugs and illegal trafficking of prescription drugs.

According to Brigadier Jamal Al Jallaf, director of the General Department for Criminal Investigation (CID) at Dubai Police, the suspects had made plans to leave Dubai when the force took them down in two synchronised raids at their residences.

The arrest proves the commitment Dubai Police demonstrates in the global fight against organised crime

It’s not the first time the international forces have collaborated, following the successful dismantling of international organised crime syndicates and the arrest of 17 suspects in Sydney, Dubai and Europe, and seizing more than two tonnes of illegal drugs with an estimated street value of AED2.3 billion previously.

Aussie police forces have thanked Dubai for the arrest and for their tireless work in the investigations and Commissioner Kershaw of the Australian Police force went on to add that this important work to nab drug dealers will continue, “The AFP and the Dubai Police are staying shoulder-to-shoulder, and are unified in their approach to combating these transnational crime syndicates operating in Australia and the United Arab Emirates, and we will continue to work closely together to dismantle these syndicates and bring offenders to justice.”


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