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A Dubai Expat Just Won AED350,000 In The UAE’s First-Ever Fatwa Approved Loto!

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STOP EVERYTHING: There is now a fully approved loto in the UAE. It started rolling last week and an expat has already walked away with AED350,000!

It’s a unique and super easy to use system; you can get involved simply by purchasing the ‘Collectables’ (from AED35) online via the Emirates Loto website or app, available on both the App Store & Google Play.

The prize money started at AED35 million and this weekend it’s going to hit AED40MILLION!

An Indian expat walked away with AED350,000 in the first draw. Keep your eye’s peeled for this week’s draw on April 25

On April 18th, the lucky winner matched five numbers out of six to walk away with the mind-boggling sum. And since there was no big winner from last week’s pot, this week’s sum rolls right on up to AED40 million.

Rub your eyes and read that again… 40MILLION.

The best bit? You can watch the draw live every week on emiratesloto.com or on the Emirates Loto YouTube page. (It’s THIS Saturday at 10pm, don’t miss it!) Once you get your hands on a ticket, this is seriously nail-biting stuff!


How to play:

  1. Simply buy one or more Emirates Loto Collectables for AED35.
  2. The Collectables can be purchased from over 10,000 stores across the UAE or through Emirates Loto’s website or mobile app.
  3. Log on to emiratesloto.com, or download the Emirates Loto mobile app and create your account.
  4. Scan or scratch your 16-digit code.
  5. Each unique code will, should you choose, give you one complimentary entry to the draw. You will be asked to select six numbers (from 1 to 49), to submit your entry. *Entries expire in 90 days.
  6. The lucky winners will receive a message from Emirates Loto.
  7. Match 3 or more! Then view the How to Claim section to know more.


The important bits

*You must be over 18 to play

*Collectables can be purchased online via emirates loto website or app, available both on App Store & Google Play

*To check the draw results, visit the website or the mobile app.

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An organisation that is inclusive to all, Emirates Loto is the GCC’s first ever digital collectable scheme and optional draw. Emirates Loto is open to eligible participants over 18 years of age in the UAE and from around the world. The collectables can be purchased for AED 35 from any of the authorised retail stores in UAE, the brand website, or via the Emirates Loto app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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