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A Man Seeking A Job In Dubai Has To Get An “A” For Effort For His Approach

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This is equally heart-breaking and up-lifting.

Dubai resident, Osman Rohail is seeking a job, and you have to hand it to him, he’s doing everything in his power to find one.

Osman sought out Kris Fade at the gym after the Virgin Radio host posted an Insta story right before a workout… the POWER of social media, eh!

Suited up, Rohail went to the gym to share his story with Kris. (The Kris Fade Show team regularly help people on their job hunt..)

“This legend travelled 40minutes to find me at the gym. We had never met, nor spoke before. The connection we had was beautiful. He needed help, assistance and guidance. All I can do is connect him with my audience.” – Kris Fade



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Osman then got the opportunity to share his work experience LIVE on air!

Dubai is Osman’s home and he’s got 8 years of HR training, he originally studied engineering, but he found he loves HR and lives by the mantra ‘if you do what you love, people will love what you do’. We stan!

He’s got experience training senior management and sales teams AND an interest in stand-up comedy… who doesn’t want a comic in the office?!
If you can help him,  you’re interested in seeing his CV, or… you know someone who can, get in touch here.

Looking for a job, or an employee? Check out The Kris Fade Show Job Watch here.

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