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Dubai metro map

The Dubai Metro map is your guide to this beautiful city!

The Dubai Metro Map is a crucial part of how people get around the city. And this page explores the map’s information in detail, along with dropping some practical and factual information about the Dubai Metro itself.

This page will answer the most frequently asked questions about the Dubai Metro Map!

What is the Dubai Metro?

The Dubai Metro is a modern and easy-to-use public transportation system spanning almost 90 kilometers around the city. The Dubai Metro connects important areas and neighborhoods, serving as a crucial way for both residents and tourists to travel conveniently and smoothly within the city.

How is the Dubai Metro map structured?

The Dubai Metro Map has two main lines: the Red Line and the Green Line. Each line is color-coded for easy identification to know where to go.

What are the Red Line stops?

The Red Line has a total of 34 stations starting from Centrepoint (formerly Rashidiya) station and ending at UAE Exchange station, just past the Jebel Ali Industrial Area. This line follows the main road in the city, Sheikh Zayed Road, and its stations are mainly situated at major hotspots like Burj KhalifaThe Dubai Mall, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Mall of the Emirates.


What are the Green Line stops?

The Green Line connects 20 stations from starting at the Etisalat and ending Creek. This line offers easy access to inner areas and attractions passing through densely populated areas which helps in easy access to the inner areas and attractions. On the way, you can find cultural highlights such as Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Deira, and the gold and spice souks.

What amenities and facilities are available on the Dubai Metro?

The Dubai Metro offers more than just transportation; it provides an enjoyable experience in itself. Even before stepping inside the metro, every station is designed with the passengers comfort in mind. There are amenities everywhere that ensure a comfortable wait, and you’ll find convenient retail outlets at each station, allowing you to grab a quick snack before your journey. Plus, all metro stations have free Wi-Fi access on the move!

What’s in store for the Dubai Metro?

Most recently the Dubai Metro now stops at a further seven stations, taking passengers the whole way to EXPO 2020 Dubai Station.

You can plan your Dubai Metro journey via the Dubai Metro here

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