You Can Travel From Dubai WITHOUT A Passport

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A tech update you can take advantage of the next time you travel!

Dubai is rolling out a ‘smart travel’ system, so you can travel WITHOUT your passport, crazy heh?!

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) made the huge announcement today. Completely contactless, human contact is reduced to ZERO… 122 smart gates at DXB have been upgraded with integrated biometric pathways and this update will be a game-changer for travel in future.

Dubai is always innovating but this elevates travel to a seamless movement from your door to the gate

Well done Dubai on this very cool launch

@GDRFADUBAI launches new fast-track passport control service that uses face and iris-recognition technologies enabling registered passengers to complete passport control procedures in around five seconds.
The new biometric systems deployed at 122 smart gates at arrival and departure terminals in Dubai airports.

You need to pre-register before you can use this new system

On your journey through DXB, you’ll pass through security and a new biometric pathway, (smart tunnel system). Both your face and your Emirates ID will suffice as ID when you arrive at the gates. Amazing.

Don’t forget: You’ll need to register first, which takes between five and nine seconds according to local reports. The registration is valid until your passport expires. You’ll get ‘smart tunnel’ printed on your boarding pass, meaning you’ll have access to the new smart tunnels.

This is just another measure proving Dubai is ahead of the race when it comes to game-changing technology.


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