Bus Drivers Got An Educational Lecture About Road Awareness To Improve Safety Measures


To increase safety, Dubai Police hosted a series of lectures for bus drivers to educate them on road safety.

The whole idea was to educate them on different road rules and regulations so that they can deal with different situations effectively, creating a safer road environment.

Dubai Police is taking steps to promote safer road behavior

Maintaining road safety has become a MAJOR priority for the well-being of people

The safety of kids and other drivers on the road is highly valuable, which is why the Department of Campaigns and Traffic Awareness at Dubai Police organized lectures for about 1900 bus drivers.

In which they touched up on safety procedures and traffic rules and regulations.

The main goal was to increase road safety by qualifying them enough to take precautions while driving.

The safety of the students is highly important, and at these lectures, the drivers were encouraged to maintain speed limits and road behaviour to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Drive safe everyone!


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