6 Reasons This Dubai Preschool Is Perfect For Your Lil Creators!


Calling all parents and adventure seekers! If you’re on the lookout for an educational experience that’s not just about textbooks and classrooms, then listen up! Odyssey Reggio Preschool has something brewing that’s going to blow your mind. Picture this: a blend of creativity, innovation, and a whole lot of fun.

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Curious? Here are 6 impressive features Odyssey Reggio Preschool has in store for you:

6. It’s got a dedicated atelier

Imagine a space where creativity knows no bounds. That’s what the Atelier is all about—a place where your child’s imagination takes the lead. From paint to clay, it’s an artistic haven that brings out the little Picasso in every kid.

5. The indoor theatre gives every child a platform

Lights, camera, and a dash of action! At the indoor theatre, your child becomes the star. But it’s not just about applause; it’s a platform for building confidence, expressing thoughts, and diving into the magic of storytelling.

4. The special child-led approach to teacing

There is intense focus with Odyssey on the individualized approach for every child. Small classrooms sizes where the teacher can focus on the child, exploring their interests and curiosities. It’s a real personalized approach that is quite revolutionary and unique.

Join the open day on August 27!

3. The qualified teaching staff become mentors for students

Education takes centre stage with a cast of expert educators holding Bachelor’s degrees. They’re the mentors who’ll guide your child’s educational journey, transforming learning into an exciting exploration.

2. Bridging the gap between home and school with monthly progress reports

Curious about what’s happening in your child’s learning world? The monthly progress reports are your backstage pass. They give you a sneak peek into your child’s milestones, helping you become an active participant in their growth.

1. You’ll also get daily updates

You’ll never have to play detective about your kiddo’s day again. With daily updates, you’ll be in the loop on what your little explorer is up to. It’s a conversation starter that keeps the learning journey alive, even at home.

Join the open day on August 27!

Mark August 27 on your calendar for their impressive open day, full of workshops and talks from industry experts

The preschool is opening its doors for an open house extravaganza where industry experts will join to chat about settling-in periods for little ones. While you’re soaking in wisdom, their educators will ensure your munchkin is having a blast. And special guests like Leela’s Lunches, Family Hub, and Sportsize will grace the day. Brace yourselves for an event that’s going to spark conversations and connections.

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