Dubai Ranked As One Of The World’s Least Traffic-Congested City


Guess what? Dubai is totally killing it as one of the least traffic-jammed cities across the globe! The Emirate outperformed MAJOR global cities, showcasing its ability to prevent traffic.


According to a TomTom 2022 Report, Dubai has come in the top 100 for traffic flow

TomTom kept an eye on traffic jams and road congestion globally, and looked into 390 cities spanning six continents and 56 countries for this particular report.

In the Emirate, the journey time was recorded at 12 minutes per 10 kilometres.


Furthermore, the study revealed that Dubai outperformed significant global cities

This included Los Angeles, Montreal, Sydney, Berlin, Rome, London and Milan regarding the average time needed to travel a distance of 10 kilometres in the Central Business District.

The lowest-performing city was London with it taking 36 minutes per 10 kilometres.

However, Almere in the Netherlands was ranked first, with 8 minutes per 10 kilometres.


So there you have it! Dubai is showing us all how it’s done by snagging a prime spot as one of the chillest cities when it comes to traffic.

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