Dubai Residents Are Winning Against Twitter Slander With 4 Solid Arguments!

Anika Eliz Baby

Scrutiny is hard to avoid when you’re well-known. Over the years several folks across the world have attempted to criticize Dubai in more ways than one.

Then there comes a moment when the people who actually live here get tired and decide to speak up.

A few days ago a Twitter user posted a snide remark about the people who would want to visit Dubai

There was no direct negative implication, and it was most probably a joke, but several residents decided to step up and defend the city as a great destination for tourism and living.


1. Dubai is constantly growing and has become home to people from all around the world

2. Dubai is the first metropolitan city experience for many

This is my personal favorite argument.

Yes, Dubai can be pretty expensive when you live here every day, but in terms of travel, it’s a safe space for many female solo travelers and a great budget destination if you want to see a lot of the world while still in one place!

3. Dubai has a lot more stability (wink wink)

*No comments*

4. Personal experiences >>>>>>

If all else fails, Habibi, come to Dubai for the kindest people!

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