Dubai To Armenia: 4 Days In The Land Of Culture And Divine Food!

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Lovin Dubai team member Chaitanya Sinha went on a trip to Armenia in October 2023. Here is a detailed account of his lovely trip, as told to Anika Eliz Baby.

When the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Armenia invited me to attend a FAM trip to Armenia, saying ‘No’ was out of the question. This trip was a welcome relaxation that included some of my favourite things: relaxation, good food, art, and adventure!

On the morning of October 15, while boarding the FlyDubai flight, you are also embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Yerevan- the capital of Armenia

I came back from this trip wondering why it took me so long to get here- just 3 hours away!

Day 1: Land in Yerevan and begin exploring

Explore one of the oldest cities in the world- Yerevan, which is even more ancient than Rome itself, being established back in 782 BC.

I visited the town square, visited a museum and art cafe, When you taste your first sampling of Armenian cuisine…get ready because it will be FRESH!- Some delicious farm-to-table produce all throughout this city.

Psst… Did you know? The city of Ras al-Khaimah was historically known as Julfar and was founded by Armenians who escaped Persia during the Mongol invasion. Read more of that history here. 

Visiting the Ararat Brandy Factory

This is the leading producer of brandy in the world and they ship worldwide too!

DAY 2: Monasteries, food and wine

The Saghmosavank monastery is located on the right bank of the Kasakh River, in the village of Saghmosavan. According to tradition, Saghmosavank was founded by Grigor Lusavorich (Grigory the Illuminator).

It truly was a humbling experience to witness this structure built in 0000 AD. I felt an awing presence there in front of all that nature. Take some time to light candles and pray for your friends and family.

Sample a taste of Armenia through its exemplary wineries

The Van Ardi Estate winery is an important stop on the Armenian wine renaissance route and opens doors for visitors to immerse themselves in wine culture. Here, I embarked on a journey to the world of wines. A toast to that!

Head to Sasunik village, where you can visit the Armenia Wine Factory. This is considered the icon of modern winemaking, balancing ancient traditions with the newest technology. Make sure you head to the Museum of the history of wine at the Armenia Wine Factory.

DAY 3: Art, sightseeing, bread making and more

The first stop was the iconic Masoor Art House. If you have a passion for painting, this is your spot! You did it in a very unique, Armenian way.

It was a cultural experience of drawing Armenian letters into art with bird designs, which is called Trchnagir.

Quadro tour in Garni

You can now call me “Biker Boi!”

This Quadro tour was definitely one for the books and a pretty surreal way to experience the beauty of Armenia.

Sightseeing in Garni

In Garni, make sure to visit the citadel and pagan temple of Garni. This picturesque monument comes from the Hellenistic period and is an impressive piece of ancient Armenian architecture.

You can’t miss out on a visit to the iconic Symphony of Stones- come witness nature’s creativity! These rocks are unique because they are natural basalt rocks in the form of straight pipes that resemble a musical instrument, the organ, from afar.

And then the main life-changing event… The International Ballooning Festival

Up, up and away!

There really was something magical in viewing the city from so high up. This colourful fairy tale is definitely a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Armenia will never look so beautiful.

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DAY 4: From Yerevan to Dilijan

Dilijan is one of the most important and beautiful towns in Tavush region. You know you’ve entered Dilijan because right after the tunnel that goes inside a mountain…you come out to some lush greenery.

This is a major resort town in Armenia due to its lush natural surroundings. The town is home to various monasteries, churches, and ancient ruins that showcase Armenia’s long and diverse history.

After exploring the area for a while, pay a visit to the Haghartsin monastery- the symbol of an amazing harmony of architecture and nature. Did you know that this monastery continues to remain open because of significant donations from the ruler of Sharjah?

And that is a wrap!

That was the summary of my trip to Armenia. Thanks to the folks at the Tourism Committee of the Republic of Armenia who invited me for this splendid adventure.

Instead, take time to interact with the lovely local community, and support their businesses. They can’t wait to meet you!

Plan your own trip here!

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