Dubai Is The No.1 City That Expats Want To Move To

Dubai Is The No.1 City That Expats Want To Move To

Move over, Miami’s sizzle and New York City’s hustle – Dubai is showing off its bling and taking center stage…

With its futuristic skyscrapers, endless sunshine, and a nightlife that can rival any dance floor on the planet, Dubai is where the real expat dreams come true. So, if you thought Miami and Paris were the ultimate destinations, think again, because Dubai’s taking the crown and giving you every reason to pack your bags with a smile!

Google Data revealed the most desired destination…

Financial services provider Remitly took a year’s worth of Google search data and discovered that Dubai is the ultimate ‘move to city’ dream for expats. It seems like everyone’s Googling their way to this dazzling desert destination. Dubai, you’re officially the hottest place to be!

& if you’re wondering what the most popular cities for moving abroad are…

  1. Dubai
  2. Miami
  3. Paris
  4. New York City
  5. Madrid
  6. Singapore
  7. London
  8. Brussels
  9. Toronto
  10. Washington DC, Buenos Aires, Christchurch, Quebec City, Bogota, Portland, Vienna, Phoenix, Chicago

Why Dubai, you might ask?

Dubai’s got it all – sleek buildings, a lively nightlife, endless sunshine, and job prospects. And guess what? Its population went up by nearly 100,000 from 2022 to 2023. Dubai’s got that special something that keeps drawing people in!

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