E-Scooter Drivers Are Putting Their Lives At Risk On Dubai Roads


E-scooter drivers are taking their lives into their hands and it has to stop.

I was doing the JLT loop when I first noticed it. People on E-scooters were driving against the flow of traffic so they could reach their Cluster quicker. Smh.

And as soon as you see it once, you’ll spot it all the time.

In October 2020, Dubai introduced a trial e-scooter project, granting permission for e-scooters to operate, but only in designated lanes, not on main roads. So this irresponsible use of E-scooters is worrying for anyone who hopes the trial period will continue, not to mention the drivers who need to avoid them.

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Last weekend I saw another perpetrator on Hessa street, (a busy road with up to 5 lanes of traffic a speed limit of 80k) the e-scooter driver was attempting to cross traffic.

An E-scooter driver spotted on Hessa Street

E-scooters are slowly gaining popularity, they were regulated by the RTA and a trial period was introduced in designated areas across the city

The RTA granted permission for scooter rentals and listed an updated list of guidelines for the use of E-scooters in Dubai.

  • Riders should wear helmets
  • Follow instructions and warning signs on scooter tracks
  • Scooter users must be over 14 years of age
  • You must park in the designated parking lots
  • You must adhere to traffic laws and passing & getting off the scooter at pedestrian crossings
  • Riding on E-scooter tracks and in 5 zones is permitted for a trial run
  • You must drive your scooter in your designated lanes
  • You cannot listen to headphones while driving your E-scooter

E-scooters are NOT permitted on the majority of roads and the small few who are breaking the rules are potentially ruining it for the rest of us – Cut it out


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