16 Racers Competed On The Fastest Electric Scooter In The World Around The Streets Of D3

Anika Eliz Baby

Dubai just turned the heat up on cool with its latest electrifying event – the Dubai Electric Scooter Cup!

Picture this: sixteen daring riders zipping through D3 on the world’s swiftest e-scooters… and Lovin Dubai was a proud media partner

It’s not just any race; it’s a knockout battle where only the speediest scoot to victory.

And the cherry on top? They’re riding the RS-Zero, a scooter that’s more lightning bolt than transport, hitting over 140 km/h. Talk about a need for speed!

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The event which took place in December as part of the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, was a dazzling showcase of cutting-edge e-technology and a testament to the potential of micro-mobility

With the Dubai Sports Council and the Federation for Micromobility and Sport at the helm, the event promised a glimpse into a future where racing is not just for the elite but accessible to all.

The RS-Zero DXB edition scooters, designed specifically for this event, were nothing short of technological marvels, boasting a lean angle that would make a motorcycle blush. The crowd was left in awe, witnessing a new chapter in racing history. The Dubai Electric Scooter Cup has set the bar sky-high for micromobility racing!

The big race ended with Fade Fit by Kris Fade taking home the big prize

Winners of the first-ever Dubai E Scooter Race, secured by pro racing rider from Tokyo, Japan- Hikari Okubo!

Other notable teams included Supercar Blondie team, 258 by Anthony Joshua (World Champion Boxer), Kota (4x World Champion Freestyle Scooter).

Also present was the President of the Federation, ex-F1 driver and 2x Le Mans winner Alex Wurz and Formula E Champion, Lucas di Grassi!


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