Elon Musk Just Tweeted This Old And Controversial Catapult Careem Ad


Elon Musk is back on Twitter.

No sooner than he announced he was ‘off Twitter for a while’, (he took two days break) Elon Musk returned with his market-disrupting tweets, mainly talking about Space X, the space exploration company he founded, Tesla, his EV and clean energy company which has a current stock price of $1,025.05, (and which he is the largest shareholder of) and then… a mysterious caption about catapults accompanied by a video featuring Dubai, which also happens to be a very old Careem ad. Yup, VERY random.

The video shows a man being flung from a helipad in Dubai, via slingshot. The man misses his target (don’t worry, it’s a spoof)

“Catapults are a great way to get somewhere fast” – Elon Musk.

Musk reshared the controversial 24-second video, which was originally released in 2016, leaving people pondering what’s next for one of the world’s “great geniuses”.

“You got punked Careem-style! Come on, we had to launch with a BANG. Welcome to Careem 2.0”

Remember the video? Careem had to warn people that no humans were harmed in the making of the video… and at the time Dubai Police even intervened to dispel the rumours that it was real.

Well played Careem, five years later and your promo just got a share from one of the biggest and most talked-about Twitter accounts in the US.

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