Emirates Just Released Custom Museum Of The Future Artwork For Its A380


Dubai’s vision of tomorrow has been lifted to the skies, thanks to Emirates

The airliner just revealed custom-made livery on its A380 that beautifully depicts Dubai’s newest architectural icon which has also been dubbed as the ‘world’s most beautiful building’ – the Museum of the Future. *massive heart eyes*

The artwork features the ring shaped building of the future encircling both sides of the aircraft, with the message ‘Journey to the future’ running across its fuselage. The design covers a total of 336 sqm on the body of the A380. WHOA. The planes façade is decorated with quotes from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The first Emirates A380 that sports this eye-catching new livery, will take flight tomorrow to Los Angeles

Emirates will produce 10 A380 liveries in total, which will fly across close to 30 destinations around the world in the coming year, carrying the museum’s message of creating a better future, now.

The Museum of the Future’s building is a ring which forms a void to represent unknown and undiscovered knowledge. This marvellous initiative highlights Emirates’ commitment of supporting Dubai’s vision to become the leading city of the future and crystallizes the UAE’s 50 years of development and progress.


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