EXCLUSIVE: Live With The Emirati Kanye West Lookalike Internet Sensation!


An Emirati Kayne West Look Alike… Does That Make Him Kanye East? EXCLUSIVE: Live With The Emirati Kanye West Lookalike Internet Sensation!Abdulla Al Khemeiri, an Emirati resident visiting Moscow, found himself thrust into the limelight when fans mistook him for none other than Kanye West. The case of mistaken identity began when Al Khemeiri was surrounded by eager fans in Moscow, who thought was the famous American rapper Kanye West.

The incident quickly spiraled into an internet phenomenon as photos and videos of Al Khemeiri’s encounter spread like wildfire across social media platforms. In an exclusive interview on The Lovin Dubai Show, Al Khemeiri recalled the surreal experience, admitting that while he initially brushed off the comparisons, he soon realized the extent of the confusion.

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“When I was leaving the area, people started shouting and taking photos, thinking I’m Kanye,” Al Khemeiri shared, “At first, I thought it was a joke, but then it became real when they asked for autographs and selfies.”

Despite not intentionally impersonating Kanye West, Al Khemeiri revealed that he tried to embrace the moment. “I did look up Kanye’s style and tried to see if there was any resemblance,” he said, mentioning his attempt to catch a glimpse of Kanye at the hotel where he was rumored to be staying.

The viral sensation showered Al Khemeiri with unexpected fame, with his story making headlines from Russia to the Gulf countries. Videos of the incident accumulated over 180 million views overnight, turning Al Khemeiri into an overnight social media sensation.

Reflecting on his newfound internet fame, Al Khemeiri expressed gratitude and amusement at his family’s reaction. “My parents were laughing and asking how I could look like Kanye,” he chuckled during the interview.

As the interview concluded, Al Khemeiri hinted at the possibility of exploring his newfound resemblance for potential opportunities. With over 1.8 million views on his own social media posts showcasing his “Kanye-like” moments, Al Khemeiri acknowledged the potential for a career as a celebrity look-alike.

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