Fans Celebrate Afghanistan’s Victory Over Sri Lanka At The Asia Cup 2022 In Dubai Sports City

Anika Eliz Baby

The Asia Cup 2022 has begun and so have the festivities.

A crucial match took place last night between two strong teams- Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Fazal Farooqi from the Afghanistan team was declared the Player of the match. Afghanistan demonstrated exceptional teamwork with their excellent bowling and fielding, with two run-outs in two successive deliveries.

Afghanistan secured a strong victory by 8 wickets in the intense match that took place in Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium

Outside the stadium, fans performed a traditional dance in celebration of the victory

Together, several Afghanis began to perform the Afghan Attan- a ritual dance that is done in a circle. Fans can also be seen proudly sporting the Afghan flag and chanting slogans.

The Sri Lankan team also demonstrated true sportsmanship

They have vowed to bounce back in future matches, and have accepted the defeat with much grace.

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