WATCH: The Trailer Of A Romantic Filipino Movie Set In Dubai Has All The Pinoys Excited


The trailer for ‘Love or Money,’ a new romantic movie featuring Filipino actors Coco Martin and Angelica Panganiban was released on Friday and Pinoy fans are already excited. 

With some scenes shot in the Philippines and Dubai, the film was originally set for distribution during Valentine’s Day 2020 but filming had to be halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The movie is about two people who cross paths in the Philippines, grow a liking to each other but separate, only to meet again in Dubai while leading two distinctive lives.

Love Or Money is set to premiere through online streaming sites on March 12

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This is the first time both actors have collaborated in a film together 

Philippine’s favourite action and hero figure, Coco Martin, and Angelica Panganiban, known for playing sassy, loveable roles in a multitude of telenovelas filmed the latter part of their film in Dubai. 

The trailer hints to so many iconic landmarks in Dubai like the beach by Burj Al Arab, the Deira souk market, the malls and more!

It’s always nice to see the city come to life with a storyline, especially when it’s a different culture’s take.

Filipino fans are already psyched to see the two on screen, stating their chemistry is off the chains

While others can’t stop gawking at Dubai for being an incredible shoot location

We agree.

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