The Top 3 Funniest Dubai April Fools Pranks Of 2023

Anika Eliz Baby

You just got PRANKED!

Social media was rife with April Fool pranks today and Dubai brands were no strangers to it.

Here are the funniest pranks that did rounds on social media for April fools 2023


3. Emirates launch a new ultra-lux cruise liner

Emirates had to go big as the usually do! This time it was through Emirates Sealine. They added that the first cruise is scheduled to flag off from Dubai Harbour on 01 April 2024…and that booking would be open from June 31

(June only has 30 days hehe)


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2. The McGettigan’s Shamrocket will have you wishing it was real!

McGettigans blended the best of Dubai with this flying taxi service! The McGettigan’s free ‘SHAMROCKET’ flying taxi service was presented to take you from bar to bar in just a few minutes.

Gyroscopic stabilization guarantees you won’t spill a drop as you ‘barfly’ through our family of pubs from April 1st- now that’s a solid one!

1. The Smash Room was offering a chance to take revenge on your ex

For all the broken hearts, this prank was too close to the (broken) heart with their fake ‘revenge package’

“The Smash Room promises to take revenge on your behalf with the newly launched “Revenge Package”. All you need to do is show proof of toxicity or mistreatment from your controlling ex and The Smash Room will send their dedicated team to your ex-partner’s house to smash and break all their meaningful belongings.

And if you really thought this to be true – you just got APRIL FOOLED! The Smash Room is not that extreme! They will not be visiting your ex anytime soon to destroy their belongings not today, not tomorrow not ever.”

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