Huda Kattan Is Slating Filtering Apps That Promote Unrealistic Standards

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Huda Kattan is calling out posts on Instagram which promise the idea of the ‘perfect figure’.

The issue? Promoted posts target women on Instagram showing an original snap of how a girl looks (she looks great!) VS one ‘how she should look’.

The beauty entrepreneur says it’s problematic because the images accentuate parts of the women’s body in an unnatural way. The image is a promotion for an app that lets you edit your photos to alter your appearance, one which puts ‘ridiculous standards in place’. Huda says the apps disturb her and she calls on her 2.2 million followers to hit ‘report’ if they see content like this being promoted on their feed.

Kattan says “There are already problems with the beauty narrative, we don’t need another one”

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Huda didn’t hold back

There is NOTHING wrong with looking human!! Your ‘Before’ is beautiful!!

I’ve been in this space for a long time and I’ve felt sooo much pressure myself to edit my pictures and to try to fit into this online idea of the perfect body. Let me tell you, there’s NO SUCH THING AS THE PERFECT BODY or the perfect face. You are beautiful in your own way, do what makes you feel happy and what makes feel beautiful.


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Her followers are fully behind her and say this needs more awareness

Huda Kattan is the founder of Huda Beauty and Wishfulskin, she’s based in Dubai and regularly updates her feed with glam shots highlighting her make up brands

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