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If You Want A Meal Plan AND To Be Environmentally-Friendly Then This Is For You

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If You Want A Meal Plan AND To Be Environmentally-Friendly Then This Is For You

It would be easy to say you can prep your own meals, refrigerate them and eat away as you work or prior to your workouts. But the truth of the matter is, not everybody is blessed with the time or the energy – this is where most meal plans come in.

Meal plans are common in big cities like Dubai.

They’re as affordable as getting your own groceries, cooking and all that jazz, they taste just as good (or better) and they’re VERY convenient.

The only downside to most meal plans is that they tend to come in plastic packaging, adding to the world’s carbon footprint, which is, of course, a big no no.

Matter Nutrition noticed this and decided to step up with their in-house recycling program

If you’re unfamiliar with this incredible meal plan delivery service, then you’ve been missing out. In the last two years since its launch, the brand has made sure to keep their waste and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Something not a lot of profit-hungry brands really consider.

They used minimal plastic packaging and mostly use cardboard/box material for their food deliveries. Already a plus!

Keep your meal containers for 3 weekends and get a FREE full day of food

Imagine being rewarded for doing something that isn’t only good for you, the community you live in but for this planet? We’re in!

Aside from hosting beach cleanups and other sustainability-focused initiatives, Matter Nutrition has LEVELED up with this new recycling program.

So, the takeaway? Keep your containers in a corner for THREE weekends until your friendly delivery captain picks it up.

You’ve finally found the meal plan that’s just as eco-conscious as you, all you have to do is subscribe


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Matter Nutrition

Matter Nutrition is a lifestyle wellness ecosystem, providing you with information and tools to help you eat better. Matter Nutrition is founded on curiosity for life.

Their motto is: “Our medium is food, but we are so much more than a meal plan — we are a movement in lifestyle wellness. We want to make food science-y again, and spread the message that nutrition isn’t just about what you eat, but more so about how you live. Our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to level up through evidence-based products, relatable information, sustainable systems, and actionable steps for your personal growth.”

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