Indonesian Artist Swerte Says Dubai Is The City Where He Feels Like He Belongs


Swerte, also known as Lucky Christian sat down on the Lovin Dubai show and spilled all the beans about the music industry in the UAE. 

Swerte told the Lovin Dubai show that he never felt like he belonged, considering his father is from Switzerland and his mother is Indonesian. Which resulted in him feeling lost, he then continued to say though that he feels like he belongs in Dubai as he described it to be the place where no one belongs.

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Lucky earlier posted on his Instagram account regarding working with the one and only Kanye West! Swerte told Lovin Dubai show that it happened coincidentally. One day he received a phone call from Ye’s team asking him to work with the musician.

Swerte elaborated that the reason for the call is that he is one of the few with a sound engineering background, and then later described Kanye to be very humble and down to earth.


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