It Is International Plastic Bag Free Day And Several UAE-Based Companies Are Taking Part


A gas leak in an underwater pipeline resulted in a massive fire on the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico earlier today.

The fire has since been put out but videos of the incident are being discussed a lot on social media

The videos have gone viral and people are taking the time out to discuss environmental damage and the collective responsibility on everyone to be more sustainable – and to demand this change from corporations as well.

July 3rd is also International Plastic Bag Free Day and while it is not all that is going to take, reducing single-use plastic waste is a huge step that people can make (and it is really easy to).

A couple of UAE-based companies are also taking part in International Plastic Bag Free Day

Carrefour, for instance, is giving away one free usable bag if you shop there today.

Choithrams also has an offer


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