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It's That Time Of Year: Twitter Is Discussing What You Should Buy For Teachers

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The end of the school year is looming, and the one thing that’s on every parent’s mind?

Teacher gifting!

Okay, obvs not…

Parents, some of you are at home supervising your child’s studies, and in many cases getting through your own work day, so teaching efforts are going under that radar, and end of year gifting is probably the last thought on your mind.

But a Twitter thread from resident Tamara Clarke has opened up the conversation; she asked;

“It’s that time of year again where we find ways to show appreciation to teachers. I say, down with flowers, photo books and generally anything creative. Give them something they can spend and/or experience. I want teachers to weigh in. What’s a good end of year gift?”

Teacher gifting is always a tricky one. Do you do it? Does your school even allow it? What do other parents do?

The thoughtful tweet suggests getting teachers something worthwhile, rather than the old faithful gifts like flowers

Who knows, after this stint at home supervising your kids… you might be even MORE appreciative of teachers when you consider their task of caring for and teaching not one, but sometimes 30 kids in one room all day, ‘erry day.

I used to work as a teacher here in Dubai. Our school didn’t allow gifts but some super sneaky (read: thoughtful) parents would hide little gifts in their bags and pass them to teachers. And for the few parents who went out of their way to do this, it didn’t matter what it was, but the thought was there, and we were pretty chuffed to get anything.

Either way, it opens up the question. Should teachers get gifts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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