Two Have Been Jailed For A Viral Video Recording Of A COVID-Positive Test In Public


Two UAE youths have been sentenced to imprisonment after being caught in a viral video where one showed off his Covid-positive result, while the other recorded in public.

According to WAM, Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution ordered the two be imprisoned, pending further investigation. After identifying the individuals in the clip, an order of arrest was immediately carried out.

The UAE law stipulates that this type of violation is punishable by a fine of between AED10,000-50,000 and/or imprisonment

The two will stand trial for endangering public health and for violating COVID-19 safety measures in the UAE. 

On that note, authorities stress the importance of compliance regarding these safety measures and they will deal with these types of cases without tolerance.

Whoever is infected with the virus is expected to complete a mandatory quarantine and to follow the measures announced by the Emirate.

Article 348 of the Federal Penal Code stipulates that “whoever deliberately perpetrates an act that exposes the life, health, security or freedom of human beings to danger,” will face either detention or pay a fine.

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