A FREE Online Baby Expo Has Just Launched!

A FREE Online Baby Expo Has Just Launched!

Baby skin care, nutrition, health, access to doctors… If you’re a parent with QUESTIONS, this platform is for you!

Baby Expo is a one-stop-shop to learn amazing facts to elevate your baby’s skincare, it’s got games, competitions, educational material, access to world-class doctors, and helpful content surrounding mental health.

A no-brainer for parents to join – You can visit Baby Expo here.

Introducing Johnson’s Baby, Baby Expo! A two-week virtual event to provide parents with everything they need to know about baby care

This is Johnson’s Baby, the first Baby Expo

This two-week event will provide you with holistic baby care knowledge, info, and insights related to newborn babies and young kids, plus there’ll be a magic show, games, and fun interactive spaces to explore.

There will be eight online pavilions, covering a wealth of topics including skin care, natural ingredients, nutrition, parenting tips, as well as advice on how to balance work and family life. Are you a parent, or a parent-to-be? Bookmark this page now!

Not just for knowledge, it’s also a platform for parents to network and to connect with doctors, influencers, and experienced content creators

Parents can visit Baby Expo here

The important bits

Baby Expo will be live for two weeks until November 27.

Visit Baby Expo's Official Website
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