LISTEN: The CEO Of Time Out Explains Why Their Markets Are So Popular

Julio Bruno

The Dubai food scene is buzzing and for good reason.

Following in the steps of numerous Time Out food markets in some of the world’s most visited cities, The Time Out Market has landed in Dubai and the new Souk Al Bahar location sees genuine local foodie favorites gather side-by-side, pairing down their offerings to hole-in-the-wall concepts and creating authentic market vives.

“We do bring people’. Julio Bruno, the extremely personable Chief Executive of the Time Out Group, a global media and hospitality business with roots in 328 cities in 58 countries joins this week’s episode of Dubai Works. He talks about how the introduction of the Time Out Market brings footfall for homegrown restaurants in a challenging year and about the potential of new markets on the horizon. It’s all good news for the CEO who says the Market brand will dwarf the media brand in a few years.

LISTEN: The Time Out Market is invite-only for restaurants, you need a five star rating and you have to be considered by Time Out as the best representation of that food in the city

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“We also signed a Timeout Market Abu Dhabi”… is there a Saudi market on the horizon?

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This is an impressive business turnaround story and survival story.

Six years ago, in private equity hands, losing tens of millions of dollars a year, Time Out Group plc CEO Julio Bruno approached the brand with a plan.

By 2019, he had made the business profitable, listed it on the London Stock Exchange, made Time Out Markets a stand alone brand that can be globalized, and whether the media storm, where legacy magazine companies like Rolling Stone have fallen by the wayside, and he is now steering the Group out of Covid hit.

Richard Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder of Augustus Media

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