LISTEN: Psychologist Pascale Nakhle Breaks Down Why Therapy Is Important

Farah Makhlouf

The earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, shook the entire Middle East. The tragic earthquakes caused a lot of damage and claimed many lives. The people that were affected had a lot of aid sent to them but emotional support is just as important because this was a very traumatic event.

In this week’s episode of Unspoken, hosts Fouad and Sabine sat down with Pascale Nakhle, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Pascale Nakhle, a psychologist talks all about mental health and the benefits of therapy

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Burnout is something everyone experiences, even psychologists

Burnout happens to everyone, so even a psychologist needs time off to recuperate and reenergize. Pascale knew psychology was her passion and she always felt like this is her calling. The fact that she’s passionate and skilled helps her not get impacted by the negativity that comes with the job; however, burnout got to her while she was working in Beirut. This was shortly after the economic downfall and the tragic explosion. She felt as though the environment wasn’t helping her.

Psychologists and therapists do a lot of great for others but do they need therapy for themselves?

A dentist can’t operate on their own teeth, just like a therapist can’t self-heal. They can know what’s going on but it’s always better for them to seek help from someone else. Pascale recommends that even therapists should seek therapy in order to continue their work properly. Therapy isn’t just to help those who have disorders, it’s beneficial for everyone!

Mental “illness” in the Arab world is still taboo and old-school, Fouad said

Pascale said seeking help isn’t just “okay”, it’s “essential.” Just like people get their blood work done, checking on yourself is just as important. If someone isn’t comfortable with who they are, they will not have healthy relationships with others. People who get therapy should not be considered mentally unstable or unwell.

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