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LISTEN: You Can Now Sell Pre-Owned Electronics For A GREAT Price On This Platform

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We all know what it’s like to sell that piece of pre-owned smartphone, laptop or tablet! Finding a fair price for the product can be daunting and even if you do, meeting the buyer, negotiating, shipping the products and waiting for the money can be a tiring process. Well, not anymore! North Ladder- the world’s first secure trading platform connects customers looking to sell pre-owned electronics to a global network of buyers. How cool is that!

It’s an auction-driven selling platform for pre-owned electronics where you can sell your product to global buyers and get instant and safe money. And the best bit- they come to your door step to collect the product and even drop off the payment.

North Ladder was born from a few studies on the carbon footprints released from electronics

Pishu Ganglani, the co-founder of North Ladder has been in Dubai for 30 years now and North Ladder came out from a few studies he was doing on the carbon footprints released from electronics. “Mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc currently contribute about 3% of the total carbon dioxide footprint”, said Ganglani. And this is expected to hit 14% by 2040, he added. This is more than half the percent of the entire transportation industry.

As of 2020, about 2.8 billion people in the world own smartphones- that’s 8 billion phones. Ganglani added that 80% of the carbon emission comes from the manufacturing of the phone and less than 1% of these phones get recycled. Most people in the UAE have electronic assets worth AED5000-AED7000 lying around in their homes and selling them off is no easy task. Besides, it’s not easy to erase the data that every phone holds. This is where North Ladder comes in.

The company provides buyers convenience, security and best pricing to sell the product

Their website provides an instant price for sellers (without photos or any other deets). That’s literally like visiting 200 stores, trying to get the best pricing. So, you get the highest price right away. Besides, from a convenience point of view, you can either visit one of their centres or you can have someone coming home and collecting the device, and paying you cash on the spot.

All the phones go through a wipe-dry process to ensure the data is completely erased. So, this way you can be sure that your data is completely safe. The company is always market-driven, so you can be sure to get the best price for your product ALWAYS.

North Ladder by-passes dealers and gets the pricing directly from the last-mile dealers

Most of the times when you walk into a store to sell your phone, you’re actually paying pennies to dollars. This is because big stores sell the product to wholesalers. This then takes a long route, before it finally reaches the last-mile dealer. North Ladder jumps straight to the last-mile dealer and gets the price directly from them. This way, the buyers get the highest price because they’re by-passing all of the dealers. North Ladder clearly knew that the only way to get a steady foot in the market is when you have competition and transparency.


The company covers mobile phones, laptops, smart watches, and tablets

There’s a price list for all of these on their website- Northladder.com and you’ll get a price literally in three seconds! Alternatively, you could trade your device in one of their physical stores and get instant cash.

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