The UAE Has The Chance To Build The Most Exciting Lottery In The World Says Gaming Expert


The UAE Has The Chance To Build The Most Exciting Lottery In The World Says Gaming Expert

This week, it was announced that the UAE has established a gaming and lottery regulatory authority, which should pave the way for legalized gaming in the UAE.

The newly established General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) is led by Kevin Mullally who announced his appointment on LinkedIn this week. Bringing 37 years of diversified law experience to the table, Mullally has worked between international regulatory agencies, legislators, law enforcement, and organizations devoted to developing gaming policy. His aim as head of the GCGRA is to create a socially responsible and well-regulated gaming environment in the UAE.

The news has been reported internationally with all eyes firmly on what the news means for the UAE, where all forms of gambling are currently prohibited. Will Dubai be the Las Vegas of the Middle East? Are we paving the way for casinos? If, how, and where gaming will be introduced will be defined by the team of experts, however, the founder of a European Lottery draw, Lottoland, says lotteries are a softer from of gambling and hopes to be able to offer his services to the UAE in the near future.

“This is big news”

The announcement that the UAE has officially established a General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority (GCGRA) is big news.

I look forward to working alongside any relevant partners to support the roll out of truly unique and innovative lottery products that are fit for 2024 and beyond, and attractive to the region’s consumer and tourists alike. I hope my expertise in creating and scaling online lotteries around the world can be utilised.

David von Rosen, founder of Lottoland

Dr. David von Rosen-von Hoewel is an international investor and entrepreneur, and founder of the global online gaming platform Lottoland, a business that allows people to bet on lottos. It’s currently licensed in five continents and serves more than 18 million customers. David, who’s based between Dubai and Switzerland previously told AGBI, that Dubai is an incredible landscape for investors.

The policies and initiatives implemented by Dubai authorities over the last five years have made the city the best place in the world to start and grow a business, particularly in the tech sector

He says the energy for business here is unmatched

I’ve never experienced such energy and growth as in Dubai. People want to succeed and progress. I don’t feel this any more in Europe or anywhere else.

von Rosen weighed in on the potential of gaming in the UAE which he says makes the UAE even more attractive for residents and tourists alike

The UAE is an aspirational nation, and any lottery in the country should be developed to match this vibrant and future facing country. The UAE now has the chance to build the most exciting lottery in the world.

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